Thursdays…How I Loathe Thee…

It’s been a long day, no joke. I was gone for about 14 hrs if not a little more after running errands after work. However, there is groceries…which means foodage for another week. Huzzah. It also means that my energy level, despite numerous cokes and a monster is absolutely craptastic. I’m ready for bed and it isn’t even 9pm yet, never mind I have to be up at 4 (345 at the earliest) to work in the morning, and this morning it was murder trying to get up and get ready.

Thursdays are brutal for me, and I am seriously beginning to loathe them because it means that I have to deal with captain whiney ass for multiple hours. I swear he doesn’t give a shit about anyone else but himself and it is SERIOUSLY getting on my last fucking nerve. I am tired of him thinking that he is better than everyone in this fucking house, and he is rapidly working on getting his ass handed to him and being told to GTFO if he doesn’t fucking shape up.

I have so much to do, and time is dwindling for me to do it, and it sucks as it keeps getting closer and closer to deadlines and I have nothing to show for it. Really, I hate this, however, I will have time this weekend to work, including maybe a couple hours on Saturday when I will be babysitting my nephews J Noah and Alexander are my two wonderful nephews. Noah is not yet one and Alexander is six.

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