Warning, this may offend!

In my most recent review, posted yesterday,Book Review: The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore, I made comments on the author’s writing style, namely poetry that rhymes, and respectfully and honestly expressed my opinion on such things.  Well, my review was not met favorably when it went live on Goodreads.com.  I received a message in my inbox asking me to remove the review, something that had never occurred before, not that I’ve written many negative reviews before, but still it was quite a shock.

Apparently my honest and unbiased review of the author’s poetry and my comments on his writing style were taken too personally and he wanted the review and ratings removed because they would not be good for his book.  Now, for an author, who mind you, is LOOKING to have their publication reviewed, some form of comment on the style of their writing would be expected would it not? Especially if the book is something that is not traditional, like poetry.  Apparently, in being grilled twice about my like for poetry, I was to know that every piece in the fifty piece collection rhymed – unfortunately for him my ability to know all was broken that day because, while I was prepared for some rhyming, I was not prepared for every piece to rhyme.

Upon looking at the other reviews posted on goodreads.com (and there weren’t that many) most were five stars, which I do not agree with, and there was a single paragraph three star review.  Which did not do any form of in-depth review of the pieces being presented in the collection or do much on the book as a whole, but in the Author’s opinion this singular paragraph was much more worthy of remaining than something more in-depth.  Mind-boggling.  Below, you will find my most recent response to his comments stating that essentially my review was seen more as a personal attack to his writing style than a review/critique upon his book.

Poetry, is not all rhymes. Yes, there were comments on the style, the rhyming. There were comments on the book. I was honest. I do like poetry. I write poetry, and not all of it rhymes. Yes, I am going to comment on a style of a book, especially if I do not like it. It is part of a review. The style of writing makes up the entire publication as much as the content.

Yes, I have issue with that style of poetry, so yes, it will be one of the key factors in my dislike for your book. There were points that I did like in your book and I did mention those, but again my biggest issue is with that particular style of poetry.

It is not against your writing, you are taking it too personally. It is against that particular style of POETRY. My dislike for that particular type of poetry is not in any way, shape or form a reflection of my like or dislike for the WRITER of that particular type of poetry. I have friends who write poetry and they write rhyming poetry, I do not often read their rhyming poetry, but I am still friends with them.

I have removed the review from goodreads, but I am keeping it at my blog. My rating will NOT in any way, shape or form be removed from that review. I have kept a link to my blog in that review in case individuals do wish to go read my review. You chose to be published, you chose this particular path in life. People disliking your style of writing is going to happen, people disliking your book is going to happen. Negativity towards your book or your style of writing is going to happen, wanted or not, and you can’t constantly go around shutting down and expecting everyone to remove every negative comment that is made about your book or your style of writing.

Yes, when you asked if I liked poetry, I was prepared for SOME rhyming, not EVERY PIECE in the collection rhyming. Nor was I prepared for the redundancies that occurred in the book, which I did point out in my review.

I am not backing down on this. Ever. I defend my reviews and my ratings. If you need a detailed breakdown of my review policies and my rating system, you can visit the following link: https://caedmoneries.wordpress.com/about/ Everything is there in plain English. Black and white, no shades of grey.

I personally take offense to the fact that I was asked to remove an honest, unbiased review of a book simply because I disliked the writing style. That is something that is absolutely ridiculous in my personal opinion. I dislike Stephanie Meyer’s writing style, but you do not see her filling my inbox with demands to remove any reviews of her books. Tessa Harris did not bombard me with comments or messages concerning my negative review and comments on her writing style for the book of hers that I could barely get through.

I will not seek any of your future publications, nor will I be recommending your publications to any of my friends simply because I wouldn’t want their honest reviews, that may or may not include comments on your writing style to upset you in the way that my honest review did.

If you note, on Goodreads.com, you will still see my rating for this book, but the review comments have been changed.  I have alerted you, my dear readers that the review on Goodreads.com has been removed at the Author’s request, and that the review will still remain here on my blog.  It isn’t going anywhere and neither am I.

Rant complete.