Tired Tuesday

This bibliophile is absolutely freaking exhausted, and it is only TUESDAY! It is a bad thing when I am ready to crawl into bed at 530 when I get home.  Considering I’ve been up since 3am, I say surviving to be conscious that long is an achievement for me some days (even with the consuming of an energy drink along the way home).

Sometimes, I don’t even have the energy to eat dinner let alone make dinner, but I’ve gotta make dinner and I’ve gotta eat something because my chances of actually having breakfast in the morning are slim to none unless I grab something portable or inhale something small when I get to work in the morning before I race to clock in (which that is exactly what I have to do now that the bus schedule has changed and I arrive 20 minutes later than I did a week ago).

Even now, it is 830, and I could crawl into bed and effectively not get up until 3am to get ready for work.  I wish I had a car, but with my current cut in hours I couldn’t afford to keep it filled with gas let alone insured and gotta have both of those with a car.  So, I suffer with public transportation and now lugging one to two books with me on a daily basis.  Though, now that I’ve finished City of Bones I’m only reading one book in physical form and right now one book in digital form.   I’m currently reading the first series in the Witches of Eileanan series by Kate Forsyth.  I’ve read all six books in the series before but I love this series and thus am reading it again (that and it is somehow not already added to my book list on goodreads, so it will be now because I intend on reading the whole series again).

I’ve already selected the first winner of a copy of Angel Evolution by David Estes, but I’m not announcing the winners until the two weeks are up.  By the way any of my followers who already have a copy of the book do let me know and I won’t keep you in the running 🙂

Alright, gonna eat diner and then probably go watch Johnny Bravo with the roommate’s kidlet.

Manic Monday with Cae

Good Monday all.  Today is a decent day, or rather has been thus far despite the blistering heat of Florida’s “spring” weather.  It is the final day of April, and another month has come to a close which makes me happy because it means that I’ve made a bit more progress on my reading challenge.  I’ve also started two books, both of them relatively short in length so it shouldn’t take me too long to read them and that will put me one book away form 110.

I’ve stopped reading the Fifty Shades Series right now, mainly to focus on a couple of books that I need to review, but the ending in Fifty Shades Darker does not sit well with me, especially since I know who it is.  I do not like him, I do not like him, and once more with feeling…I DO NOT LIKE HIM at all.  Though, what I wouldn’t give for a Christian Grey of my very own…Excuse me, I got sidetracked with…

Right, anyway, the books I am currently reading, are both read for reviews given by the author and the second was given directly from the publisher.  I am also waiting on one book from a publisher to be sent to my Kindle (will resync it again in about an hour).  I’m looking forward to reading so many fantastic books.  I’ve recently joined netgalley.com, and that is where I’ve gotten the books direct from the publisher – but some publishers are  ungodly tight about what they want before they will approve a galley request.

Right now, I think I am going to go delve into a book and ponder if I have the energy to write a review today, or if I will get that done tomorrow since today has been a hideously long day and I am rather exhausted and still have dinner and dishes to get done before I collapse in bed and render myself unconscious before having to do it all over again tomorrow.

Trust me though, if I write a review, you wonderful, wonderful people will be the first to know.

Lots of love,


Sleepy Writer

I’m exhausted.  Seriously hating my work schedule, and having to get up at 3am to be at work at 6, but it is something I have to do and shit is about to get a hell of a lot more complicated thanks to a letter I received from an attorney’s office that told me to contact them when my financial situation changed.  So, things are going to be super crappy for the next ten months to a year or so, and I’m going to hate it and I’m going to murder some one at this point in time.  I really hate this.  Right now, I am working on cleansing myself of the sudden build up of negative energy because I really have no intention of letting this get me down.

I’ve yet to find a silver lining, but I know there is one, and I guess the fact that it will only be a short amount of time (though right now it seems like an eternity) is a small silver lining.  Things will get better, and this will hopefully improve situations elsewhere that had recently diminished. I’m proud of myself, normally I would have been reduced to tears over something like this, but I’ve managed not to cry, nor do I think I will cry.  I’m going to make the best of this and deal with everything that life has thrown at me at this point of time.

Some how, I’ve also managed to get TWO episodes behind on Make It or Break It which makes me sad 😦 Now, I’m watching episode three and going to be watching episode four.  Episode five is tonight, and I’m going to watch that on Hulu tomorrow along with tonight’s episode of the Voice and DWTS performances.  Live eliminations I watch on Wednesday after they’ve aired because I rarely get the tv here.  Speaking of, that is one thing that is going to be dropping down a bit, as well as probably losing a few things here and there until things settle out or I get a job where I have a bit more income after unfortunate events.  Right now, I need to enjoy this and put the worry behind me and trust that things will all work out.

As far as my books go, I am currently working on a review for one of my AR&Rs, and I have to finish the seventh book that I’d been given to review by the Author.  I’m smiling right now, just thinking that I have the opportunity to receive a book from an author (well known or not) to review and to share with those that read my blog.  So, look for those reviews in a couple of days, and I’m also starting another series by Suzanne Collins that had been loaned to me by a friend, so there will be a review of that 🙂 YAY Me! 

Morning of sorts…

Last night could not have sucked more…wait, yes it could have. I couldn’t have gotten any sleep instead of the maybe 3 hrs total that I did get. It seriously felt like I was up every ten to fifteen minutes last night. I wanted to bash my head against the wall until I rendered myself unconscious. Seriously from like eleven on I kept waking up every hour or so. I am so exhausted right now, and I still have to make my 3 mile walk and work a full shift and make it home before I can take a nap – though I might fall asleep on the buses on the way home, might take a power nap when I get to work and one on my break to catch up. But I don’t know. I am seriously so tired that my eyes are watering.

I do not want to go to work, but at least I have tomorrow off and can sleep in a bit – and beyond that I am at least in a decent mood and not crabby despite my exhaustion – though I’ve not yet come in contact with the special variety of stupid that I work with or that come through drive thru on a daily basis.

I ask the general public to be kind to me today, because otherwise I’m liable to bite your head off and not think twice about it. If I do, I blame the exhaustion. Now, off to get ready for hell…er I mean work, no wait, I was right the first time.

Have a fantastic day all.

Thursday’s musings…


Current reading list:
*Witch & Wizard by James Patterson 58% Complete
*Dune by Frank Herbert 54% Complete
*The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger pg 412 of 536
*The Help by Kathryn Stockett*The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

Song that summarizes my day: Promises, Promises – Incubus

Song that summarizes my current mood: We Are Young – fun. ft. Janelle Monae

Song that I listened to when I woke up this morning: Soundtrack 2 My Life – Kid Cudi

Last video that I watched on Youtube: Carnival of Rust – Poets of the Fall

Today has been a day. That’s about all I can say about it at the moment. Did grocery shopping and the usual Thursday activities, but for some reason I simply couldn’t get into anything at the moment. I think I am trying to get a hold of the fact that this year is over before I realize it. Time is flying faster and faster each and every year. Next year, hell, within the spanning of 3 months I will be turning 30 (yeah, 30), and I am not satisfied with my life, I am not pleased with where I am work wise. I realize that I will change jobs and it will take some time to settle into my career, but seriously, I should not be stuck in some shitty ass fast-food job that is better suited to a seventeen or eighteen year old in college than a 29 year old with two bachelors degrees. This economy sucks, majorly.

Enough about my bitching about the economy and subsequent effect on the jobs market. I’m just over and done with it, and hopefully when I move I will have a bit more of a chance at getting something in the fields that I went to school in. Or at least something better paying than fast food.

Today, beyond that I’ve had a few thought on Sadique’s Rite, and debating on where that is going to go (yeah, I need more for it I know), and I’ve somewhat of a prologue written for it as well as a bit more into chapter one, or I might make it chapter two, haven’t decided yet. I will look at my word count and figure out where a decent spot would be to break the action. I’ve not yet figured things out concerning my NaNoWriMo novel, which is not finished and I really should have had it finished before the end of the year, and I might we will see, it depends on how I end up spending New Years eve, because I want to do something but I do not yet know what.

We are young
So let’s the set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
Than the sun….”

This song is absolutely amazing and I highly suggest that you go listen to it.

I think I’m done rambling for the time being.



Good morning world…

Good morning and welcome to Monday. YAY Monday…can it be Tuesday now? No, I’m entirely serious. I hate Monday’s with a passion I really do. Especially if I have to deal with certain people at work and then it just makes Monday’s worse. However, I am at least in a decent mood this morning, we shall see what happens when I have to be trapped in a car long enough to get to the bus stop with Senor Grumpy Pants. I mean really, and also when I get to work and see who I will be working with today because that will also be a driving factor in my mood – at least until 2pm when I’m scheduled to get off work. Long-ish day for me, but one of the last that I will be working starting at 630, starting Wednesday my schedule goes back to where it belongs – 5am start to a 1pm finish. It will ensure that I am home at a “normal” hour hopefully, and including any minimal stops along the way for the collection of a loaf of bread, other food stuff, or medication pick up at the local pharmacy. It will make my longest day of the week, still Thursday, with the exception of Thanksgiving when groceries will be done Wednesday because I’m not stepping foot near a store on November 24 or November 25. My roommates have already been warned, if they run out of something, do without until Monday or you can brave the stores by your damned self because I’m not stepping foot near wal-mart on black Friday – no no no no no.

I think I am just in the mood to write this morning, but I don’t want to sit down and start writing on my novel for NaNo, because at that point I won’t stop and will end up being late to work, or just tell work to fuck off entirely and I probably should do that (no matter how tempting it is). I will however, be a nice bunny and share the opening couple of paragraphs of my novel…don’t’ look a gift horse in the mouth, and yes, before anyone says anything I know they probably suck, and I probably switch tenses within the duration of it, but IT ISNOVEMBER AND I AM JUST WRITING NOT EDITING YET!!!! My inner editor is currently weighted down with heavy chains in a box, locked in the recesses of my mind only to see the light of day once December 1st dawns and even then he won’t be allowed to touch this particular piece until at least the first of the new year. Okay?

Naomy Jameson woke with a start, bolting up right and gasping for breath. Needle like pain made her scrunch her eyes up tightly before attempting to open them again in the dim light of her bedroom. Hands searched the blankets in the darkness hunting for the soft surface of Jessie, a rainbow colored teddy bear that she’d had and slept with since she was seven and her role as messenger and team leader begun. The moment her fingers found the plush expanse of the bear she clutched it to her chest, curling around it as she remained upright in the middle of her bed for a moment.

“This mission is going to suck.” She muttered to Jessie, her silent confidant before settling the bear upon the pillows and slipping out from beneath the tangle of blankets and rooting around for her vibrant green froggy slippers. Robe grabbed and slipped over her pale pink pajamas with frogs and lily pads on them. “I need tea and to start getting things together so I can brief everyone when they are awake.” Thankfully, the message wasn’t urgent enough that she had to wake her siblings and fellow team members in the middle of the night, and according to the glowing green LCD face of her alarm clock it was just that. Three A.M. which meant that she’d only been asleep for a little over three and a half hours.

Stepping out into the hallway she flicked her gaze toward Nick’s room first, after hearing a distinctly feminine giggle coming from that direction – great, he’s got her over which meant that until she left there would be no discussing their current task. She thought about knocking on the door and disrupting them, but she knew that he very rarely got time with other female company because of their missions, so she let it slide this time. Aya’s room was quiet aside from the sound of waves that came from the wave machine that Omy knew was on her bedside table.

Those are the opening paragraphs to my novel. I haven’t had the urge to scrap it entirely, especially since I’m sitting at 15k with it, but I have had to suppress the urge to start something new while I’m working on NaNo…I really, really have and it’s driving me mad. Those plot bunnies are wielding flaming swords and they have NOTHING to do with the current novel that I am working on. I might just go ahead and write the paragraph, keep it off to the side just to have it there. If I manage to get a decent enough leg up, may start a second novel ( though I do not think that I am going to be that courageous this time around). One is enough for my sanity.

Alright, the time is progressing at a rate faster than I want it to, so I should probably change out of the jammies and start getting ready for work. BLARGH. If anyone would like to go to work for me, that would be acceptable while I stay home and write and simply laze about much like I’d done for the past two days.