Sunday Fun Day!


Alright wonderful people! It is that time! I told you I’d have a fantastic announcement for you, actually, I fibbed and I have TWO fantastic announcements for you! 

  1. Author’s Corner
    This new feature starts officially next Sunday with an interview with author and friend of mine,  David Estes. YAY! It will be loads of fun, and I promise you, the interview will make you laugh. 
  2. Book Giveaway
    During the next TWO (2) WEEKS I will be running a giveaway of the first book in David’s Evolution Trilogy, Angel Evolution.  It will be in ebook format only, and done via Smashwords coupon.  I have permission to give out as many copies as I’d like of this fantastic novel, which is also David’s first published novel.  So, over the next two weeks, I will be selecting FIVE individuals to give copies of this book to.   What do you have to do to get it?
    -Tweet or Retweet this post
    -Announce it in your blog (link me in a comment)
    -Post it to a social networking site and link me in a comment.
    Sound’s simple right? Well, get to it!
Alright, so what does everyone think of my fantastic news?! I mean isn’t it AWESOME?! Who doesn’t love a good interview and getting a FANTASTIC book for free! 
Get those entries coming and I will start making the selections later this week!Lots of love,