Tired Tuesday

This bibliophile is absolutely freaking exhausted, and it is only TUESDAY! It is a bad thing when I am ready to crawl into bed at 530 when I get home.  Considering I’ve been up since 3am, I say surviving to be conscious that long is an achievement for me some days (even with the consuming of an energy drink along the way home).

Sometimes, I don’t even have the energy to eat dinner let alone make dinner, but I’ve gotta make dinner and I’ve gotta eat something because my chances of actually having breakfast in the morning are slim to none unless I grab something portable or inhale something small when I get to work in the morning before I race to clock in (which that is exactly what I have to do now that the bus schedule has changed and I arrive 20 minutes later than I did a week ago).

Even now, it is 830, and I could crawl into bed and effectively not get up until 3am to get ready for work.  I wish I had a car, but with my current cut in hours I couldn’t afford to keep it filled with gas let alone insured and gotta have both of those with a car.  So, I suffer with public transportation and now lugging one to two books with me on a daily basis.  Though, now that I’ve finished City of Bones I’m only reading one book in physical form and right now one book in digital form.   I’m currently reading the first series in the Witches of Eileanan series by Kate Forsyth.  I’ve read all six books in the series before but I love this series and thus am reading it again (that and it is somehow not already added to my book list on goodreads, so it will be now because I intend on reading the whole series again).

I’ve already selected the first winner of a copy of Angel Evolution by David Estes, but I’m not announcing the winners until the two weeks are up.  By the way any of my followers who already have a copy of the book do let me know and I won’t keep you in the running 🙂

Alright, gonna eat diner and then probably go watch Johnny Bravo with the roommate’s kidlet.

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