I’m horrible. Just horrible.

It’s been 3 days since I said I would have reviews up and I do not have them.  I am trying to piece them together without the notes that I have on my Kindle which had gotten stolen 2 days ago on my way home from work.  Unfortunately, I cannot pull the galleys up on Kindle for PC and have wiped them from my archives and they’ve been pulled from my Kindle with the fact that it has been deactivated and deregistered.  I’m tired.  I’ve not been able to focus on anything for the past day or so, and I think it is mainly because I am still in a bit of shock because of what happened and the lack of care and concern from people in this world.  Or it could simply be that I’ve spent most of the week getting up for work at 3 am and finally have not one but four days off in a row and my brain has decided to turn day one into do nothing but watch Hulu all day…I’m game with that, but I don’t feel productive, and that is something that needs to be remedied.

So! I’m hoping to have those reviews pieced together today and have at least one of them posted today and the other two tomorrow morning.  I have once more hit a back log of reviews, and am drowning in them thanks to a bit of stress and my Kindle being stolen, and the bus system will be changing come Monday and I have to deal with that. So yeah. Things are crazy as of late.

On that note, I leave you, and hopefully will have a review for you, plus I also have my Mother’s Day baking issue of Bibliophile Eats to post, so that will be coming soon as well.

2 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. How utterly craptastic that your Kindle got stolen! I hope that whoever stole it drops it, trips on it, falls down a flight of stairs and breaks their neck.

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