Sunday Afternoon

Good afternoon wonderful readers! Today has been a good day, and surprisingly I’m not in need of a nap considering that I’ve been up since 6 am and running only about 4.5-5 hrs sleep. However, it was productive and I’m quite glad for that fact, just called my mom (got her voice mail, silly mommy) and left her a mother’s day message, as well as posting on her facebook wall.  Love you Mommy, and thank you for being wonderful.

I got reviews done, as you all know from the mass blog posts between 6 and 9 or so this morning, set my review schedule for tomorrow, and then played a bit of Wizard101 and then took the roommate’s daughter to the park for about an hour and a half or so where she ran around like a little monkey, played on the swings, the merry-go-round thing, and even tried to climb the dome jungle gym but didn’t get very far.  After that, we came home and made cupcakes, which are currently cooling so that they might be frosted and then consumed for dessert after dinner.

Made triple chocolate fudge cupcakes, and they are going to be frosted with cherry vanilla frosting.  They shall be wonderfully delicious and there will be a couple of pictures in a blog post later (maybe, if you all are exceptionally good there will be some in with Bibliophile Eats).

What else do I have planned today, not much, going to play some more Wizard101 and just relax and spend my day nice and quiet at home.  I’ve errands to run tomorrow, including some long over due bloodwork (and by long over due I mean about 4 months late) and that means a Dr. appointment within 2 weeks after that point and probably a harsh talking to from my Dr. when I do finally get an appointment.  I will need refills on my meds (pretty much all of them because I’ve let them either expire or run out of refills) and that’s not good.

I do believe that is all I have for you in the way of this afternoon’s update, and look for Bibliophile Eats tonight 😉 Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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