Book Review: Indecent Proposal by Jack Engelhard

Title: Indecent Proposal
Author: Jack Engelhard
Rating: 4/5

Summary: In Atlantic City, after watching a major player lose and win back millions at the blackjack table, Joshua Kane and his wife Joan are presented with a devil’s deal when they meet a rich Arab sultan who offers Joshua one million dollars in exchange for a night with Joan. But that night isn’t the end of their entanglement. Jew and Arab, the men are brothers even when murderously jealous. The Gentile woman is between them, but neither can wholly have her. The outcome will be a rupture of the fragile tolerance that unites the three-a descent into a bloody triangle. This controversial novel spawned the Hollywood blockbuster movie starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore-a movie in which Hollywood tried to hush the Arab/Jewish themes of the story. In his foretelling and gripping tale, Engelhard captivates the reader with his controversial theme of “What would you do for a million dollars?” (Taken from

Review: Most of the reviews I’ve seen say that is much different than the movie, and it is. The movie did not incorporate much of the details that were shared in the book. The tensions and passions in the Middle East are much more prominent within the pages of this story, and it becomes the biblical struggle between “Isaac” and “Ishmael” and the prize this time is the American dream – financial security in a time of recession as the Sultan is offering the sum of one million dollars for a singular night with his wife.

What would you do for a million dollars? That is the question that this story boils down to even amid all the other tensions between Joshua, his wife Joan, and the rich Arab Sultan. A very rich man likes to gamble with his money, Joshua got to see it first hand at one of the blackjack tables, when he got pulled into the anchor position at the roped off table that the Sultan sat at one night in one of the casinos in Vegas. There is so much more between the three of them, the Jew, the Arab and the Gentile woman between them that none of them can actually possess wholly.

I enjoyed the book just as much as I enjoyed the movie, despite some typing and grammatical errors in the Kindle version that I received as a free purchase from a few weeks ago.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Indecent Proposal by Jack Engelhard

  1. Thank you for your kind words re: my novel “Indecent Proposal.” You are correct. The original (promo) Kindle edition of a few weeks back needed fixing…and so I had it fixed. All my fault and I humbly apologize. “Indecent Proposal” is now back live on Kindle, republished, refreshed, all typos cured (I trust)…and the formatting cleaned up. Thank you again for your review…Jack Engelhard, the author.

    • Thank you for taking the time to respond to my review. You just kind of floored me with your comment, it was unexpected.

      I did truly enjoy the book, and I have the desire to see the movie again as well.

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