Delay for Today’s Reviews

Due to the fact that I am completely overheated and hating the weather in Florida at the moment, I’ve spent most of the day holed up and reading.  I’ve started Fifty Shades Freed, and am addicted just like I was in the first two books.  I will have the reviews for this entire trilogy up by mid-week hopefully (provided that work does not kill me between now and then).  I will also have the review for Indecent Proposal up as well as that was the third book on the list to be reviewed today.  

So, this is my apology to you all my adoring readers and I do hope that you have had a far better and cooler day than I have.  Seriously, living in Florida has its ups and its downs and the overbearing summer heat (and we aren’t even into the hottest month of the year) is decidedly one of the downs – though the eye candy that comes out when the temperature spikes is quite enjoyable!

Also, we are currently on a waiting list for an apartment a couple hours north, it will be fantastic because there will be central air and heat, and not to mention we will be closer to my roommate’s mother that lives in Jacksonville. So, that’s my happy news and my apology, now if you will all excuse me, it is time to make some dinner and then go curl up with my book.

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