Book Review: Quicksilver in the Hand by Jamie Freeman

Title: Quicksilver in the Hand
Author: Jamie Freeman
Rating: 5/5

A sincere thank you to Jamie Freeman for offering this book for review via the group Making Connections.

Summary: Julian and Tony meet in line at a David Sedaris book signing. “Promise me sixty blissful moments and I’ll pass my whole life with you,” Tony tells Julian. And, although the line is really little more than a charming pick-up line, a relationship does develop, told moment by moment from beginning to end in the 60 segments of this story. Love blooms in moments of passion, but as the clock ticks on, the cracks begin to show and Julian must choose between himself and the relationship he thinks he wants.

Review: FIVE STARS! I am a sucker for a romance story, and this is one. Stunning portrayal of a gay relationship, the characters were absolutely wonderful. Within moments of meeting a whirlwind romance comes together between Julian and Tony who meet at a book signing.

The writing story itself is written in a very unique way and it takes you a moment or two to realize just what Jamie has done. We don’t get the whole massive story of the relationship between Julian and Tony, but what we get are sixty unique glimpses into their relationship. Small segments of time that allow us to be observers of the rise and fall of these two individuals, and they do fall both in and out of love.

However, my favorite character even above Julian and Tony has to be Cassie, Julian’s cat because she’s smart and she’s a vicious protector of Julian despite the warning signs that she’d been giving him since he and Tony moved in together. It made me laugh at her little antics (constantly pushing things off high surfaces to land on Tony’s head) that looked little more like accidents, not the malicious intent by the cat.

I applaud this uniquely written glimpse into a relationship and I will definitely be looking forward to more books by Jamie Freeman because of my love for this book.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good rollercoaster of a romance story, the ups and downs, twists and turns will have you biting your nails at every turn. Though, if same sex couples aren’t your thing, then you will unfortunately have to give this fantastic story a pass.

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