Book Review: Children of the Gods (A Chosen Novel) by Monica Mallard

Title: Children of the Gods (A Chosen Novel)
Author: Monica Mallard
Rating: 5/5

A sincere thank you to Monica Mallard for offering this book for review via the group the Nexus.

Summary: Reka a seventeen year old girl lived inside the City of the Gods. Everyone outside of the city thought they lived a perfect life never wanting for nothing, having all of their needs met. But they were so wrong inside the city they had no freedom, the one thing that they wanted the most. The gods told them what kind of music they could listen too, what foods they could eat. They lived a life of fear. At the next choosing, all at the right age were gathered. Reka was chosen, her world turned upside down.

Review: FIVE STARS! Spectacular read. Reka, aged seventeen, was chosen at the current choosing and thus becomes the Queen of the Gods at Jaxson’s side. The relationship between Jaxson and Reka was fun to watch unfold, was unique in its way, and of course had its own hurdles to ensure that much like every other relationship it was not smooth sailing all the time.

However, I did, despite my stellar rating find one thing a touch grating, we had no backwards knowledge into Reka and her “abilities.” They were just there, also what other “images” had she seen that we were not given privy to when Ayana had been bombarding her. I realize we saw some of the more potent ones, but what of the others? She had the essence/alien presence of someone who had been alive for close to a thousand years.

The ending did seem somewhat jumbled, and a touch rushed, but I did enjoy the ending. The ending made me cry, but there was still a note of happiness within the ending and that gives me hope for the future of this character. I do hope that Reka will be seen again in subsequent books (if there are any in the works) and that we will get a bit more insight into her background as she continues to develop.

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