Manic Monday with Cae

Good Monday all.  Today is a decent day, or rather has been thus far despite the blistering heat of Florida’s “spring” weather.  It is the final day of April, and another month has come to a close which makes me happy because it means that I’ve made a bit more progress on my reading challenge.  I’ve also started two books, both of them relatively short in length so it shouldn’t take me too long to read them and that will put me one book away form 110.

I’ve stopped reading the Fifty Shades Series right now, mainly to focus on a couple of books that I need to review, but the ending in Fifty Shades Darker does not sit well with me, especially since I know who it is.  I do not like him, I do not like him, and once more with feeling…I DO NOT LIKE HIM at all.  Though, what I wouldn’t give for a Christian Grey of my very own…Excuse me, I got sidetracked with…

Right, anyway, the books I am currently reading, are both read for reviews given by the author and the second was given directly from the publisher.  I am also waiting on one book from a publisher to be sent to my Kindle (will resync it again in about an hour).  I’m looking forward to reading so many fantastic books.  I’ve recently joined, and that is where I’ve gotten the books direct from the publisher – but some publishers are  ungodly tight about what they want before they will approve a galley request.

Right now, I think I am going to go delve into a book and ponder if I have the energy to write a review today, or if I will get that done tomorrow since today has been a hideously long day and I am rather exhausted and still have dinner and dishes to get done before I collapse in bed and render myself unconscious before having to do it all over again tomorrow.

Trust me though, if I write a review, you wonderful, wonderful people will be the first to know.

Lots of love,


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