Salacious Sunday

Good Sunday morning to you all.  I’m having a good day, I do hope all of you are as well.  I actually managed to sleep in quite a bit today, considering I went to bed at 2am again.  This time I was up at nearly 10 instead of seven forty-five like yesterday.  I am even taking the time to blog before breakfast..another first for me 😉 Things are going well at the moment, couple of hitches here and there in life, but that is to be expected and they will of course smooth themselves out or will be forced to smooth out so that everything is wonderful again.

Currently, I am in the midst of reading Fifty Shades Darker, and I adore it.  I’ve also finished A Storm of Swords, review pending on that (add it to the list) and next I’ve got a book that I need to get reviewed because it is on a time limit – Author Read and Review, and that is why those three books were at the top of the list from yesterday.  I’ve read all but number 1.5, so that is what I will be reading next before diving into the third book in Fifty Shades.

I’ve been catching up on my BBC addiction, Skins UK, and it is deliciously sinful and all sorts of naughty.  Love it! I’ve actually managed to clear up my queue on Hulu.  I still have the urge to watch Indecent Proposal (thanks to reading the book by Jack Engelhard) and of course I can’t find it anywhere on line at the moment.  Sad panda.

Okay, so I didn’t get to half the reviews I wanted to write yesterday, maybe I will get them today or I will spend it watching Skins UK and reading to add more to the bottom of the list. I’ve not yet decided what I will do with the rest of my day.  Though, rest assured, there will be reviews 🙂

Til later, ta!


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