Book Review: Legend Lost by Janet McNulty

Title: Legends Lost
Author: Janet McNulty
Rating: 4/5

Summary: Amborese thought she was a peasant’s daughter until one night dark creatures murdered her parents and pursued her into the forest. Saved by a talking cat and her friend Zolo, she fled for her life only to learn that she had a bigger destiny than she once believed. Pursued across the five lands of Tesnayr by an evil wizard’s army, Amborese must unite the dragons, elves, dwarves, and the five lands themselves. But will they follow a mere girl? And can she believe in herself?

Review: I am not certain that three books were necessary to tell the story, but the way that the story flowed and the Chapter titles allowed for easy following.  This is a retelling of the age old story of Good vs. Evil and which one will triumph in the end.  Will it be the good? Amborese.  Or will it be the evil? Clymorus.

Clymorus becoming Queen Rosina’s closest confidant after the death of her husband the King used her as a pawn for his treachery.  Throwing the land of Tesnayr into ruin and war.  Five lands of differing races elves, dwarves, faeries, and others.  Upon Queen Rosina’s desire to banish Clymorus to try and undo the harm she has caused by allowing her land to fall into disrepair he murders her, however she does not die that day.

300 years later, Amborese is left outside a woodcutter’s home.  Safe until Iorks come to find her, her world is thrown into chaos and she is forced to flee with a cat, Sposa, and a wizard Zolo who teach her of her past.  There is no trust amongst the people of Tesnayr, and it has fallen upon Amborese’s shoulders to unite this world and restore the throne of Tesnayr to what it was more than three hundred years ago.

Along her journey there are friendships forged and loyalties earned in favor of Amborese taking her place upon the throne.  Each individual is willing to die to protect her, each individual brings their own unique skillset to the quest.  In contrast, while Ambroese gains friends and allies, Clymorus gains strength and power and builds his armies bigger to defeat Amborese and regain what he believes as his rightful place, the throne of Tesnayr.

The story was drawn out a bit, but it was very, very good.  I feel some of the details of the lands beyond the first two and their anger at what had happened over three centuries ago could have been diminished.  However, I did thoroughly enjoy this story and highly recommend it.  I thank Janet McNulty for the chance to read her book in exchange for this honest and unbiased review.  It was a pleasure.

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