Book Review: Zed by Stephen Herfst

Title: Zed
Author: Stephen Herfst
Rating: 3.5/5

Summary:  Zed is not your typical zombie, cursed with thought instead of being the mindless, brain chewing typical zombie.  He just wants a few things – improved stride, a lightly seared pork loin, and to avoid the Activists at all costs.  That’s all. Chaos soon rears its head in his life in the form of Chase, and now the “fun” begins.

Review:  I’m fully ready for the Zombie apocalypse, though if the Zombies are like Zed…things might get really interesting.  I liked this book, I truly did.  To have it written from the point of view of the zombie was something refreshing and surprising to say the least, as very rarely used point of view in the whole plethora of zombie literature, film and TV.  The tone of the book is witty and the various references to TV and movies throughout were something I enjoyed.  Just looking at the title, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, least of all the story of a Zombie with coherent thought…that just kinda made me go “what the heck, must read.”

The descriptions had me giggling for the most part especially the Maul (aka Mall) with the zombies manning the food court had me laughing uncontrollably for a little bit and getting strange looks from the people on the bus (where I was reading it at the time).

Zed is quite likeable for a zombie, and all he wants to do is get by and not draw attention to himself – is it really all that much to ask?  Apparently the universe thought so because in comes Chase.  Chase has awesome survival skills, maturity beyond her years and yet still manages to hold on to a vulnerability that makes her all the more endearing.  The way that their relationship grew and changed throughout the very MacGyver-esque roadtrip was something that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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