Sleepy Writer

I’m exhausted.  Seriously hating my work schedule, and having to get up at 3am to be at work at 6, but it is something I have to do and shit is about to get a hell of a lot more complicated thanks to a letter I received from an attorney’s office that told me to contact them when my financial situation changed.  So, things are going to be super crappy for the next ten months to a year or so, and I’m going to hate it and I’m going to murder some one at this point in time.  I really hate this.  Right now, I am working on cleansing myself of the sudden build up of negative energy because I really have no intention of letting this get me down.

I’ve yet to find a silver lining, but I know there is one, and I guess the fact that it will only be a short amount of time (though right now it seems like an eternity) is a small silver lining.  Things will get better, and this will hopefully improve situations elsewhere that had recently diminished. I’m proud of myself, normally I would have been reduced to tears over something like this, but I’ve managed not to cry, nor do I think I will cry.  I’m going to make the best of this and deal with everything that life has thrown at me at this point of time.

Some how, I’ve also managed to get TWO episodes behind on Make It or Break It which makes me sad 😦 Now, I’m watching episode three and going to be watching episode four.  Episode five is tonight, and I’m going to watch that on Hulu tomorrow along with tonight’s episode of the Voice and DWTS performances.  Live eliminations I watch on Wednesday after they’ve aired because I rarely get the tv here.  Speaking of, that is one thing that is going to be dropping down a bit, as well as probably losing a few things here and there until things settle out or I get a job where I have a bit more income after unfortunate events.  Right now, I need to enjoy this and put the worry behind me and trust that things will all work out.

As far as my books go, I am currently working on a review for one of my AR&Rs, and I have to finish the seventh book that I’d been given to review by the Author.  I’m smiling right now, just thinking that I have the opportunity to receive a book from an author (well known or not) to review and to share with those that read my blog.  So, look for those reviews in a couple of days, and I’m also starting another series by Suzanne Collins that had been loaned to me by a friend, so there will be a review of that 🙂 YAY Me! 

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