Confessions of a bibliophile and an update

T.G.I.F anyone?

I know I’m glad it is Friday, because that gives me sometime to update and catch up on everything from the week and plan out what I’m going to be doing during the weekend (which hopefully this weekend includes catching up on some much needed artwork and book reviews).

I’ve recently updated my list of books that I’ve read, and in the last 2 days I’ve finished about 4 books (some of them relatively short) and I’ve loved all of them. With the completion of this update I’ve realized that I’ve already read 92 books so far this year out of my goal of 200. This currently translates to 16,220 pages of published material that I have read. I’ve completed one challenge for a group that I am in, and I have one book that I need to finish for another challenge that I’ve started.

Currently the longest book I’ve read so far this year is The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett at 976 pages. To say that I take my Kindle everywhere is a gross understatement, it is very rarely out of my sight for the most part and I’ve always got something I’m in the middle of reading no matter the time of day.

What am I going to read next now that I’ve finished my update as well as made note of the reviews that I need to write? I’ve not yet decided on that, but I do know that I still need to transfer a couple of books to my kindle, both of which I’d gotten for free from the Author. One I have to review within a couple of days, so that might be first (as I’ve been putting it off) and the other is the second book in the Viridis series that I received as a gift from author Calista Taylor for my review of Viridis.

Plus I have several other books in my unread collection on my Kindle…not counting the ones waiting to be delivered/transferred to my Kindle I have 177 in that unread collection. My AR&R collection has 5, but most of those I believe I’ve already written the reviews for. I may have to go double check, but I think I only have Zed by Stephen Herfst to write a review for aside from the one I’ve yet to transfer to my Kindle.

I think I’m going to sync some stuff over and maybe play a little bit of Wizard101 before I settle myself down and write some more reviews…or maybe just read a bit (and hopefully not fall asleep again).

On a completely unrelated note, today is going better than yesterday. I can at least type, as typing was so not a very good idea yesterday after I’d been stung by a bee or a wasp or something on my way home from work. Hurt like hell, in fact my finger still aches a bit from where I was stung. Yeah, got me on my left ring finger right above the second knuckle, and has made using/bending that finger quite unbearable until about nine or so this morning when the naproxin finally kicked in. Either way, I was not a happy camper, and couldn’t focus on much of anything yesterday after I got home.

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