Wednesday Afternoon…

Today has been a fairly decent and quiet day.  I have not yet done anything, aside from a quick walk to the convenience store to grab a pop, and yet I am exhausted. Seriously.  Gotta love those work weeks that have you dragging by the middle of the week, and unfortunately for me that is just about every week that I work because I’m up every morning at 3am to make a three mile walk.  I’ve played some wizards, and I’ve also caught up on both DWTS and The Voice.  Right now, I am watching Glee and loving it!

I’ve also downloaded a few more books for my Kindle, including catching up some that I already had waiting to download in queue. Also, I had to breakdown and create a collection for my cookbooks which I am now hunting through for a side dish recipe that involves potatoes or rice because that is what I’ve got to work with.  I may have to pop over to and see what I can come up with there with what I have to work with, and thanks to Glee I am going to be singing Duran Duran songs for the rest of the day and it has already started – thank you Blaine and Cooper you pair of wonderful hotties you. Tangent time – done. I think.

Or not, it saddens me to add this to my entry today.

Dick Clark has died at age 82.  He will be missed.

I think I am going to end this entry way for the time being. Have a fantastic day all and hug someone you love today.

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