Morning of sorts…

Last night could not have sucked more…wait, yes it could have. I couldn’t have gotten any sleep instead of the maybe 3 hrs total that I did get. It seriously felt like I was up every ten to fifteen minutes last night. I wanted to bash my head against the wall until I rendered myself unconscious. Seriously from like eleven on I kept waking up every hour or so. I am so exhausted right now, and I still have to make my 3 mile walk and work a full shift and make it home before I can take a nap – though I might fall asleep on the buses on the way home, might take a power nap when I get to work and one on my break to catch up. But I don’t know. I am seriously so tired that my eyes are watering.

I do not want to go to work, but at least I have tomorrow off and can sleep in a bit – and beyond that I am at least in a decent mood and not crabby despite my exhaustion – though I’ve not yet come in contact with the special variety of stupid that I work with or that come through drive thru on a daily basis.

I ask the general public to be kind to me today, because otherwise I’m liable to bite your head off and not think twice about it. If I do, I blame the exhaustion. Now, off to get ready for hell…er I mean work, no wait, I was right the first time.

Have a fantastic day all.

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