Book Review: Angel Evolution by David Estes

Title: Angel Evolution
Author: David Estes
Rating: 5

Summary: Taylor meets a cute boy when she goes off to college, however, she seems to be the only one that sees the subtle glow that surrounds here.  There is also something about him that scares her. However, she is also unknown to her, the key to ending a century old war centered on evolution.

Review: Okay, this was another free from the author book for an unbiased and honest review.  I have to say this, for his first book David Estes has officially gotten me hooked on this delightful series.  The ending of this book has me ready to tear my hair out with worry over Gabriel’s fate, no I am not telling you what happens you will have to read this book and find out…I’m not joking.
This is David’s first book and truth be told I could find very little fault with this book, there was occasional missing words or little things like that, but not enough to throw me off or turn me away from the book.
The concept of evolution of angels and demons is something that intrigued me and I liked the fact that he created a mythos concerning them that has little or nothing to do with the religious aspects that we tend to uses as a focal point for these beings.  The fact that they are essentially human beings who have evolved into something above and beyond what we are is fantastic, and the origin story for it is as unique as the mythos he has created.  Dionysius, one of my favorite Greek Gods plays a pivotal role in this book, but he isn’t the good guy that many think that he is, nor is he anything like the Greek God persona that he often has.  I adore it, and will get my hands on the last two books in this series as well.

Recommendations:  Paranormal lovers, urban fantasy lovers, young adult lovers, supernatural lovers, and those who are looking for a unique and innovative take on angels and demons.

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