Saturday Stripped

Good morning to all. Saturday morning has dawned, clear, somewhat cool, but that won’t last in the state of Sunny Florida, it will soon get overly oppressive and hot, but still be beautiful of course!  Because that is what this state is known for.  

Today is going to be a fairly busy day for me, and I’m going to spend most of it trying to catch up on things that have fallen behind: Project 12, Project 366, and my book reviews because those need to get caught up because at the rate that I am reading, I will easily be twenty reviews down in about four days or so.  I’ve been chowing through books like no body’s business this year.  There is so much good literature that I can’t get enough of it, and I’ve also been looking at literature on deviantArt, when I can get a handful of minutes to do such.  ❤
Most of the icky, black, bad feelings I’ve had the past week have been dealt with and it involved stripping a couple of people as friends because they seem to think that I am not a good enough friend – and truth be told that is their own opinion and I am unendingly loyal to my friends.  Family is something I prize and those that do not want to be friend or family can simply go away and never darken my doorstep again.  I am not living up to anyone’s standards but my own.  Yes, I know my situation currently sucks, but do not begrudge me for trying to change it, for busting my butt to try and keep my head above water and not taking the ‘easy’ way out of my problems like you tend to do.  I am going to live my life, I am going to survive my daily struggle with or without you by my side to support me.  I have other that will support me even if you will not.  Honestly, if you think you are so much better than I am: I.  Do.  Not.  Need. You.  Plain and simple. 
Right now, I am living life and actually feeling good about myself and not going to let anyone else put me down for actually feeling good about myself.  I  got up, did a circuit around the neighborhood at like six this morning and felt kick ass, came home showered and now I am relaxing in front of the computer.  Still have laundry, dishes and groceries to do, but those will come at their own times.  This is my weekend and I will enjoy it. 
On that note, I think I am going to work on some art! I’ve pics on my camera that need to be edited and uploaded as well as a much belated article to put together for a group because I forgot last weekend in the chaos that was my birthday celebrations! 
Have a fantastic Saturday all! 
Much love, 

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