Book Review: The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

<i>The Iron Daughter</i> by Julie Kagawa, is the second book in the Iron Fae series, and has quickly rocketed up to my top twenty books.  I did not know what to think going into this sequal, because so many have been horrid, but this book was fantastic, much like the first book in the series.  I am glad that I have found this series with all of them out already, because otherwise I think I would go absolutely nutty if I had to wait to finish reading it, right now the only wait I have is on getting it from the library to my Kindle.


This story picks up after Ethan, Meghan Chase’s younger brother has been returned home and she fulfilled her bargain with Prince Ash, and returned with him to Tir Na Nog, the realm of the Unseelie winter court ruled by Queen Mab.  The half-human daughter of Oberon is once again faced by the challenges brought about by the existence of the iron fae, who seek to destroy the oldblooded fae, do away with the Seelie and Unseelie alike.   However, when the Scepter of Seasons is stolen shortly after it arrives in the court of the Unseelie, delivered by King Oberon himself (a rarity to be certain), war is waged between the two seasons.


However, the traitor lies amongst the most trusted and adored of Mab, not telling who.  The iron fae want this war, to weaken and descemate the oldblood and to come in and raze what is left of them, destroying them and having all of the Nevernever to turn into their own technologic domain.  It is once again up to Meghan, Puck and Ash as well as a few other familiar faces from <i>The Iron King</i> to once again save the day.  I have fallen in love all the more with this particular storyline, the hardships faced by the three, the love triangle has me frustrated beyond belief and everything about it makes me happy and aggravated all at the same time.
The end, I hate to say it, I needed some tissues because for a moment I thought I was seriously going to cry, there were sniffles and I shed a tear or two, but I am pleased with the decision made to a point, because it still leaves me wondering the what could have been if the decision had been made the opposite direction also,  it makes me wonder what will happen in the third book (which I will be reading soon).


Til next time…


Happy reading.

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