Book Review: Faefever by Karen Marie Moning

The ending of this book made me want to scream and throw a colossal, five-year old temper tantrum because one of my favorite characters’ fate is at this moment in question! Seriously?! CLIFF HANGER MUCH?!!!!!


If I had to wait extended periods of time for the next installment of this book (which thankfully it has already been published, I would only have to wait as long as it takes to get it from the library) I would go absolutely freaking CRAZY.  MacKayla “Mac” Lane was forced to grow up exceedingly fast when her older sister was brutally murdered while studying abroad in Dublin.  Mac is a stereotypical ditzy southern belle and is suddenly thrown into the world of Celtic mythology, Seelie and Unseelie and the war between the light and dark.


This series in and of itself has everything: bad faeries, druids, dark hallows, evil plots, mystery, unfulfilled sexual desires, men with indeterminate scruples.  The cliffhangers that Karen Marie Moning has created in this series are fantastic and something I have grown to expect from her writing and this book has proved a fantastic example of that.  I have quickly fallen in love with this series after reading the first book last year, now I am on the third book of the series and am looking forward to reading the remaining five to see what comes of Mac and the world as we know it.


My favorites from this book:
-Christian MacKelter – who doesn’t love a sexy, druid Scotsman? I mean really?! Brogue and all…drool.
-the MacHalo – This seriously made me giggle, but it is seriously one of the best inventions ever for Mac to deal with the darkness that isn’t entirely your average darkness.  That, and it made Barrons laugh, which prompted a total fangirl squee from me when I read that scene.
-V’lane – death-by-sex fae, who took the opportunity to dress Mac in a sleazy bikini (even going so far as to pull out the gold lamiae).
-More insight into the Lord Master who is given an actual name in this book
-Clues as to what/who exactly Jericho Barrons actually is which makes me giddy with anticipation because I want to know what he is – desperately.

If you have thought about starting this series and find yourself on the fence, I quickly urge you to scamper over the fence and start working on reading it!

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