Confessions of a Writer…

Or is that confessions of someone trying to be a writer? I haven’t decided yet. I’ve survived NaNoWriMo for another year, HUZZAH! I’ve reached my fifty thousand words, however the novel is not done yet, and if I am lucky I should be able to complete the novel in about another fifteen to twenty thousand words. Then, the drudgery of editing begins, after I manage to get it printed out in a hard copy, because for some reason my brain won’t let me edit massive things like that on a computer screen, and having it in print out form will let me get the order in a better set up to ensure that the story flows a bit better, or if I have to remove passages entirely or things of that nature. Editing for the…oh dear god…*flail*.

Now that December has begun, I am relaxing a bit and enjoying things without the pressure of writing 1667 words per day. Beyond that, I have a few artwork pieces in the works, including a secret Santa gift exchange for a group that I’m in on deviantArt, and a few other things going on, including a Christmas themed feature that I’m going to run, probably starting this weekend, back tracking for the first two days of the month. It’s going to be a cute little advent calendar themed thing, that I still have to try and make a graphic for, but I don’t know yet. I’ve got quite a bit of work ahead of me, and I know that there is a possibility that I’ve potentially, again, taken on too much and I’m going to end up floundering, however, I hope not. I am also working on getting my Christmas cards addressed, and will get them sent out as soon as possible. I’ve a couple of deviants that I am sending Christmas cards to, including one international which is going to be fantastic! I’ve already gotten Katy’s and I love it, as it is my first card of the year.

I have not yet come to grips with the fact that this year is absolutely almost over. Less than thirty days are left in this year, my god how much has happened in this year and the things that I have learned. How my art has improved and what I’ve set my sights on to learn in this year and in the next years to come. I am working on actually finishing this novel and getting it edited and hopefully making use of the publishing option somewhere – even if it is on Kindle. It would make me happy if I could at least do that.

As far as up and coming new year’s resolutions that I could make, it would be to devote more time to my art, devote more time to expressing myself creatively and expanding my own portfolio of photography, digital artwork, 3d software usage, and vector art. Things that I have fallen in love with and begun toying with, and hoping that I could get some helpful critiques and begin working giving critiques though my knowledge in most fields is limited and I am self taught in just about everything that I know.

I think that’s all I’ve got for right now…have a fantastic night and there may be another blog tonight depending on how I’m feeling.

Lots of love


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