Good Monday Morning

Good morning. It is Monday, and I am wide awake, and in a decent mood. Just a quick little entry to let you all know that I’m alive and have not yet thrown my NaNoWriMo project in the trash…YAY! I am closing in on today’s word count goal of 35000, I wrote nearly 9000 words yesterday to catch up, so I am once more back on track. We shall see what this week does to my word count. I still cannot believe that there are ONLY 9 days left of November. Which means I’ve got only about 15000 words left to write for my novel, well, for the end of November anyway, as I am highly doubting that I will finish this novel in just 50000 words, it is possible if I shift things, but we shall see.

I have a title for my NaNo novel, it is The Rainbow Realms it is a working title, but thus far, it seems to be working. It may end up being more than one book, I’ve not yet decided as I’ve essentially have my main story arc and now I’ll have about three separate story arcs that fill out the book so I’m kinda not sure what exactly will be going on and how I will tie everything together toward the end.

Anyway, it is about that time, and now that you’ve had a little update, I will probably get something more in depth, and maybe with another little sampling of my novel tossed up for people to read. I’m also considering uploading a piece to deviantArt, because I will need to enter the contest that is being hosted for the NaNo participants.

Speaking of NaNo, here is one of my favorite pep talks thus far this month. It is from Christopher Paolini, author of the Inheritance series (Eragon, Eldest, Brisnger, Inheritance) and it is posted on the blog for The Office of Letters and Light, the organizers of National Novel Writing Month. <a href=”

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