Good morning world…

Good morning and welcome to Monday. YAY Monday…can it be Tuesday now? No, I’m entirely serious. I hate Monday’s with a passion I really do. Especially if I have to deal with certain people at work and then it just makes Monday’s worse. However, I am at least in a decent mood this morning, we shall see what happens when I have to be trapped in a car long enough to get to the bus stop with Senor Grumpy Pants. I mean really, and also when I get to work and see who I will be working with today because that will also be a driving factor in my mood – at least until 2pm when I’m scheduled to get off work. Long-ish day for me, but one of the last that I will be working starting at 630, starting Wednesday my schedule goes back to where it belongs – 5am start to a 1pm finish. It will ensure that I am home at a “normal” hour hopefully, and including any minimal stops along the way for the collection of a loaf of bread, other food stuff, or medication pick up at the local pharmacy. It will make my longest day of the week, still Thursday, with the exception of Thanksgiving when groceries will be done Wednesday because I’m not stepping foot near a store on November 24 or November 25. My roommates have already been warned, if they run out of something, do without until Monday or you can brave the stores by your damned self because I’m not stepping foot near wal-mart on black Friday – no no no no no.

I think I am just in the mood to write this morning, but I don’t want to sit down and start writing on my novel for NaNo, because at that point I won’t stop and will end up being late to work, or just tell work to fuck off entirely and I probably should do that (no matter how tempting it is). I will however, be a nice bunny and share the opening couple of paragraphs of my novel…don’t’ look a gift horse in the mouth, and yes, before anyone says anything I know they probably suck, and I probably switch tenses within the duration of it, but IT ISNOVEMBER AND I AM JUST WRITING NOT EDITING YET!!!! My inner editor is currently weighted down with heavy chains in a box, locked in the recesses of my mind only to see the light of day once December 1st dawns and even then he won’t be allowed to touch this particular piece until at least the first of the new year. Okay?

Naomy Jameson woke with a start, bolting up right and gasping for breath. Needle like pain made her scrunch her eyes up tightly before attempting to open them again in the dim light of her bedroom. Hands searched the blankets in the darkness hunting for the soft surface of Jessie, a rainbow colored teddy bear that she’d had and slept with since she was seven and her role as messenger and team leader begun. The moment her fingers found the plush expanse of the bear she clutched it to her chest, curling around it as she remained upright in the middle of her bed for a moment.

“This mission is going to suck.” She muttered to Jessie, her silent confidant before settling the bear upon the pillows and slipping out from beneath the tangle of blankets and rooting around for her vibrant green froggy slippers. Robe grabbed and slipped over her pale pink pajamas with frogs and lily pads on them. “I need tea and to start getting things together so I can brief everyone when they are awake.” Thankfully, the message wasn’t urgent enough that she had to wake her siblings and fellow team members in the middle of the night, and according to the glowing green LCD face of her alarm clock it was just that. Three A.M. which meant that she’d only been asleep for a little over three and a half hours.

Stepping out into the hallway she flicked her gaze toward Nick’s room first, after hearing a distinctly feminine giggle coming from that direction – great, he’s got her over which meant that until she left there would be no discussing their current task. She thought about knocking on the door and disrupting them, but she knew that he very rarely got time with other female company because of their missions, so she let it slide this time. Aya’s room was quiet aside from the sound of waves that came from the wave machine that Omy knew was on her bedside table.

Those are the opening paragraphs to my novel. I haven’t had the urge to scrap it entirely, especially since I’m sitting at 15k with it, but I have had to suppress the urge to start something new while I’m working on NaNo…I really, really have and it’s driving me mad. Those plot bunnies are wielding flaming swords and they have NOTHING to do with the current novel that I am working on. I might just go ahead and write the paragraph, keep it off to the side just to have it there. If I manage to get a decent enough leg up, may start a second novel ( though I do not think that I am going to be that courageous this time around). One is enough for my sanity.

Alright, the time is progressing at a rate faster than I want it to, so I should probably change out of the jammies and start getting ready for work. BLARGH. If anyone would like to go to work for me, that would be acceptable while I stay home and write and simply laze about much like I’d done for the past two days.

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