Life has been pretty good as of right now. I haven’t had the urge to kill my roommates, however, almost murdered the next door neighbor when he flicked the wrong breaker outside and killed our power. Thankfully I had stopped writing for the day and didn’t lose more than about fifteen words of my novel, they were inconsequential and therefore I can make them up at some point in time in the next couple of days because I am already ahead on my word count. I managed to reach 15,000 words today, and I only needed to be at 10,002. My novel is kinda crappy, but it has some form to it and hopefully I can get a few things figured out and begin working on getting it where I want it and actually ensuring that it flows. I might even consider printing it out and going through and trying to figure out if I’ve horribly thrashed the English language and grammar all together – even though I know that editing during NaNo is a major do not do.

I’ve also been moderating the #NaNoWriMo chatroom on deviantArt and loving it. The room is fun, and the people participating make me giggle on a daily basis and I adore my fellow mods. I need to get a few things together and post regarding my novel on deviantArt and see about maybe getting some feedback on it, but I won’t touch any of the editing majorly until AFTER November is over and I can breathe. Entering hell week (week 2of NaNo) is going to be fun especially since my schedule at work reverts back to what it had originally been right around midweek. So Wednesday I start back at 5am, which means I will be in bed by 10pm and up by 330-4 am to leave the house by 430 am. Work til 1pm and then bus trips home on days other than Thursday. My roommate seems to think that he’s going to get gas money – and unfortunately, he was told no simply because I do not have the excess to spare (yeah, I know that makes me sound like a bitch, but I still have to spend $50 to get a bus pass so I can GET home as he is unable to come pick me up as well since he has to be at work at 6pm). So, life is what it is. If he wasn’t the only one driving that would be a different story, but he went out of his way to ensure that he was the only one allowed to drive the car so he does not get to bitch and complain about it.

I should seriously, probably head to bed, and typing this blog entry tonight was possibly a mistake considering my wrist had already been bothering me once today and I had to take an ultram…but we all know about my masochistic tendencies and this is one of them apparently. But, no, I’m really going to bed this time. I’ve work in the morning…fun fun. I swear if Hector is there and I have to deal with his bullshit again, I’m going to have to try really, really hard not to get fired or suspended for three days (because I can’t afford that either), but I don’t think he is going to be there tomorrow – but just in case, I will be a good little girl and not call him out on his double-standard ways and merely keep documentation of it and if I have to, call and report him to Corporate for being a bully and taking out his personal problems on the employees (which he has been known to do when life has soured his mood before he’s even stepped foot in the store). While I need my job, I do not need to be someone’s scapegoat because they cannot adequately handle their emotions or they do not have the balls to enforce the policy with all employees and pick and choose which ones they want to enforce the STORE wide policy on. Sorry, not an example to be made, don’t like that I will call you on your double standard business practices – be more careful and don’t let me catch you at them, plain and simple. Sorry about your luck when you get reported for them.

Anyway…my little rant here is done, and I am going to retreat to my blankets and pillows and attempt to get a few hours sleep before I have to go work a 7.5 hr shift tomorrow and then come home and work on my word count. My goal is to try and add as much of a cushion as I can early on in the month so I can deal with Thanksgiving when it comes and then work at 2am on Black Friday (because that isn’t going to kill me at all).

Lots of love,


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