Sunday – Lazy Day

Good evening all. Another attempt to get this done today, hopefully I will actually succeed in that endeavor. Thus far it seems like I’m actually going to get it done. We shall see as this blog entry goes on. As you all know, this can be read in several different places, depending on where you follow me: WordPress, tumblr, and deviantArt. All of which get the same update when I manage to find the time to write something.

Today was seriously a super lazy day for me, I did absolutely nothing constructive, absolutely nothing productive and merely sat in front of my computer and watched, or rather Re-watched some things on hulu when I really should have shut off hulu and loaded up Pandora and started doing something productive to diminish my art to do list, but I truthfully couldn’t be buggered to do a damned thing, and thus I did nothing. But, now that it is bordering on bedtime, I am suddenly feeling rather productive and actually intend on getting some things done.

So, we shall see what actually gets done. However, today I did get some fantastic critique on a poem that I have in various stages of completion, and it might actually be shifted from a poetry piece to a prose piece and extended with a bit more meat upon its bones. It was torn to shreds in the critique, but it needed it and those that granted me the critique did exactly what I asked of them and provided me with quite a bit of feedback concerning the piece. I will probably post drafts throughout the editing process and get some more feedback upon the piece as I work on it, or I might simply post a second working draft for it, strip the title or leave it as is until something better comes along or the writing actually fits the title given – but I know it is easier to write it and then come up with a title later. So, beyond that, I’ve nothing in the works and I should have at least three things going at the moment. The deadline for things is fast approaching and I am seriously going out of my mind with lack of ideas and proper inspiration. I am thinking of switching my Pandora station to see if that sparks anything, as it often does, I can switch stations for about thirty minutes and get into a grove and by the time I switch back to my standard station I am well in the grove and nothing can break it.

I work tomorrow, and then will be off on Tuesday and then work Wednesday and Thursday only to have a three day weekend to ensure that stupid people can actually do what they want to do and I don’t risk getting pissed off when I get screwed and have to walk the three miles home because the bus broke down or some stupid shit like that. Yes, it has happened before and since I live with some people that have absolutely no freakin consideration for others I blew up when I found out that I would have to walk three miles home in the spotty rain because the car was already in the parking lot at the airport. Yeah, not a happy camper was I.

At work, things could be better, but they could also be worse, but, it will be time for me to shine soon enough and prove that I can do what I say I can do – which everyone already knows that I can. I just have to be Little Suzy Sunshine at work and play kiss ass to ensure that I can ultimately get what I want. Also, hope and pray that Bactes is hiring again and they contact me soon, but I doubt that will happen considering they already know about the thing that was on my record, but hey, I will eventually get my break and someone will give me a chance and I can start doing something I enjoy rather than simply going somewhere to simply get the bills paid.

I’d love to end up being a published writer, but I do not see that happening any time soon. My writing is an editor’s nightmare and really, I am too clichéd for most of what I write, though I am getting better with cutting out the clichés and working on my repetitive wordage. Anyway, I am going to give National novel writing month a try this year again, and see if I can’t crank out something that isn’t a steaming pile of CRAP and not get myself all tangled up in the need to get 50,000 words written as fast as I can. I will be doing my standard handwritten during the day while I am at work, and then typing it up when I get home in the evenings because that is what works for me and ensures that I do actually write during the day. Only on the weekends do I do everything on the computer (unless I decide to venture to like B&N or something and vege out in their café and write freehand for a while which I am sorely tempted to do once or twice).

Alright, I think I am done for the night, and may turn this sudden boost of energy into something productive now that the blog post for the day is up. I still need to get my news article posted and I will do that as soon as I get this published and cross-posted on the other sites. I’ve a few ideas floating around my head that I need to get written down and will probably switch stations for the time being so I can get them written before converting Pandora back to my Linkin Park station.

Have a wonderful night and see you tomorrow…


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