Just another day that has shaped my life as it is ultimately meant to be. Occupy Wall Street is currently getting the Mass Media coverage that it deserves and at the moment the producer is quite pleased because the livestream made it live on Keith Obermans show tonight. Beyond that, we are still going strong and have had several UNIONS join us in solidarity. We are the 99% and we deserve a voice. People over Profits. #occupywallstreet

Also, today we mourn the passing of an icon. Steven Jobs has died at age 56 of Pancreatic Cancer. It is an sad day and he will be missed. An icon and a legend in the field of technology, he helped shape our world through his innovations and his inspiration. To you Mr. Jobs I tip my hat. Fare thee well and see you on the other side.

I know, Im writing this kind of late for me on a Wednesday Night, but its been one of those days and I still have so very much to get done between now and the end of the next couple of weeks (see my to do list in my last update). Ive got none of it done, however, I have been reading a very interesting book on Christian and Pagan Creeds, and it has shed quite a bit of light on the way things are done in modern religion and the roots that brought about the most common creeds and rituals within them.

I have decided I am not going to rush to become anything more than an inspiration to others in the art community that I am a part of. I will leave my footprint there with some, and others will despise me and troll me for being a part of the community when they themselves cannot be. Art is something that is a part of me, a large part of me. I am a writer, I am an artist. I am myself above all.

Work has been well work. Weve been dead, and to top it off we had some communication errors with the equipment this morning, so it registered that we did absolutely no money during lunch, but that wasnt true (though, with as slow as we were it wouldnt be that far off). Beyond that, I found out one of the major things that had supposedly been keeping me back from becoming a manager (aside from the fact that I cant open my availability entirely to work any and every shift), and that is someone thought I had a felony, which is not the case. I am not the one with the felony that is my sister. I have a petty theft misdemeanor and that was six almost seven years ago. Yet, no one, every time that I brought up the subject of my entering management training, I was blown off, and nothing was EVER said anything to me until this past Monday. It seriously pissed me off, and now something might actually get done (we will see what happens), if anything I might actually get my crew trainer stuff done so that when it finally comes around that I can open my availability I will have that step out of the way.

I will be getting a few things taken care of probably this weekend, because tomorrow will just be hell on earth because it is grocery day and I am usually gone from my house for about twelve to fourteen hours and usually come home get dishes and dinner done, have about an hour of down time and then am in bed to get up and be at work by 5am which means I am usually up at around 4am if not a little bit earlier. So, there will probably be little to no creative output from me tomorrow, and there may or may not be a blog post written tomorrow (we shall see). This, by the way (when I remember to do it, is cross posted on my deviantart account:

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