Idle musings of a broken muse

Today has been a decent day, nothing much going on except that I had the day off work and thought I would try and get something done for the multitude of projects that I have going on, but did I get any of that done today? Absolutely not. No, seriously, I didn’t get a damned thing done creativity wise, why you ask? Because my fucking muse decided to take a vacation today and go sit no doubt by the beach and enjoy the wonderful fall weather that has finally come to Florida and stunted the humidity and soaring temperatures. However, I need her ass here to inspire me, to provide me with what I need to actually sit down at the screen and write out the pieces I need to get done. Deadlines are fast approaching (yeah, I realize it is only still the beginning of the month but time flies too quickly as of late and I do not want to miss a deadline).

What I currently have on my plate:

  • <–Living Among Us prose contest. Maximum 3000 word prose piece for this one. Not yet started. Deadline: Midnight CST October 23rd
  • <—Multi-medium contest, Season of the Witch. Halloween/Samhain. Maximum 3000 word for prose. 2 entry limit per contestant. One entry submitted, literature category. Second entry, not yet started. Deadline: Midnight PST November 2nd
  • <—Paranormal Encounters prose contest. Maximum 3000 word prose piece or a poetry piece submitted to group galleries. Entry completed and submitted, pending approval to group. Deadline: Midnight EST October 25.
  • <—Halloween contest. Dark and twisted photomanipulations with a pumpkin somewhere thrown in. Deadline for this is the 18th of October. Have a few ideas, just need to start fleshing out the images and creating the stock list for it.
  •’s Halloween contest. Piece requires twenty five votes to be eligible for the cash prizes. Deadline (don’t entirely remember, but want to get it up soon), and that hasn’t been started yet and it is driving me freaking crazy.

Beyond that, things have been going swimmingly. Absolutely wonderful. I’ve been listening to Pandora most of the day, and loving my Linkin Park based station and the mix that it has been throwing at me. That has been the station that has inspired me to write most often, but today it wasn’t doing much of anything but providing me with stellar music to listen to.

I’ve a couple of ideas for NaNoWriMo next month, but haven’t started putting any of them down, which is probably a huge mistake because I’ll forget what they are when it comes down to sitting down and actually starting my novel on November 1st. I’ve also got a screamprompt that is silly and needs to be no more than 2000 words to work on, but that I think I can hammer out kinda quick or at least get a first draft written and see where that takes me as I sit and look it over or let it stew for a day or two. Trying to get it up before the deadline and get some comments and critiques for it.

Alright, I think I’m done rambling for this point in time. Everyone have a wonderful evening and I bid you adieu for today J

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