October has arrived

With the arrival of October that brings about the Halloween season, with today being the first of the month that leaves only thirty days until Halloween and Samhain on the pagan calendar. Also, leaves a mere thirty one days left of freedom before National Novel Writing Month begins at midnight November 1st. Currently I have my plate full with a variety of things going on, mainly literature projects for deviantArt and one for Literotica.com that I will be posting via my blog, not that many read it but hey. For the literotica contest I will need a minimum twenty-five votes to ensure that I am eligible for the contest and the cash prizes for the top tier winners. Beyond that, I am working on a variety of contests on deviantArt that are all focused around the Halloween/Samhain holidays.

Thus far, I have written two prose entries totaling around 4000 words, one was a paranormal encounter and the other was for a contest whose theme was season of the witch. I still have one more prose entry to write that has to be a maximum of 3000 words, but will probably come in just under that. I’ve also got a scream prompt to write that will be silly and Halloween themed. Also, one of the writing groups that I am part of is hosting another workshop; this one focuses on the art of writing a monologue. The art of writing a monologue is something that I can only benefit in my writing, allowing me to get better at this particular type of writing, and further include it in my future writing endeavors.

I have not forgotten about my random themes, and I intend on returning to them as soon as I am able, but right now, I’ve got quite a few things on my plate (see above list). I may throw some of them into my NaNoWriMo if they fit, but that yet remains to be seen what will become of my attempt to hit 50000 words in thirty days. Unfortunately I will be the only one in the house doing NaNo this year, because my roommate (that tends to do it with me each year) is currently working on a manuscript and that is taking up all of his time. Beyond that I know I will have fantastic support and thoroughly enjoy my push to get the fantastic purple winner’s bar for my NaNoWriMo profile and add another year to my winners list!

Life in and of itself has been stressful enough, but I have finally realized what I need to do when life gets me stressed. I need to start focusing on my art. Be it a photomanip or a literature piece. I haven’t done enough writing this year, I need to do more, and I’ve also got my photography. I am learning vector, slowly but surely, and I am also learning more to do with 3d rendering programs like daz3d and poser. These have been my outlets for stress reduction, also walking and dancing, because I intend on loosing the extra weight I am carrying around and getting in better shape.

Anyway….that is my life in a nutshell at this point in time. Nothing more to say at the moment…gonna write something…or maybe start a manip, though not sure how well that will turn out as I’m on the netbook and I hate doing manips on the netbook.

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