1. Introduction

Coffee. That was Charlotte’s goal when she stepped into the Starbucks down the street from her apartment. She needed coffee to function, needed coffee to survive her day at work – there would more than likely be more coffee when she got to work, but that was irrelevant to her need for it at this point in time. She stood in line behind half a dozen other caffeine junkies and waited her turn patiently – or as patiently as she could before she’d had her first cup of coffee.
“Seriously, I need to get my coffee pot fixed. This is getting ridiculous.” She murmured sliding a hand through her hair and soon enough she was placing her order to the barista behind the counter. “Double shot soy caramel macchiato with extra whip please.” She said, before moving off to the side after paying her tab.
“I’ll have the same, but make mine with whole milk.” Came the voice of the guy that had been behind her. Charlotte turned and looked over her shoulder and took her gaze over his form for the briefest of moments. “Also, I’ll take a blueberry scone.” He looked over as if he caught someone watching him and then turned to the barista. “Make that two scones please.”
He moved over after paying his tab so the next order could be taken. Once they both had their coffees he handed her the scone. “Hi, I’m Nathan.”

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