Just a quick little thing…

Right. So I’ve missed you guys, I will have to be a bit more active here now won’t I? (I keep saying that, but hopefully this time it will be true!) Anyway, today is going to be a super hectic day for me, mainly because I’m back on public trans (which in this city, sucks majorly). Don’t ask why I’m back on public trans when there is a spiffy Pontiac sitting in my drive way (it isn’t mine, that’s all ya need to know). But, today is Dr. appointment day (yes, finally getting to the doctors after months of not being able to find the time to get there – note, I’ve been trying to get there since January). Time to find out if I’ve been on the wrong dose of meds for nearly seven months, or if I’m doing fine.

Beyond that, I’ve gotta get a few groceries (major shopping will be done after work tomorrow when I will have car access) and then home for whatever time is left of my day before I have to go to bed and be up at 4 am on Thursday for work. Huzzah. Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on my spiffy Kindle, and updating goodreads.com a lot (wonderful place for readers) and neglecting dA for the longest while, as well as other things, but I simply don’t have the creative spark for much of it any more and that is a BAD thing. Very. Very. Bad.

Right, time for me to grab a quick bite to eat (contemplating maple and brown sugar oatmeal or cinnamon and brown sugar poptarts…haven’t decided yet), fill my little snack container with some salt and pepper cashews (yum, right up there on my favorite snackies list) and get ready to catch my first of three buses to get to the Dr. office.

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