Tragedy in Japan 3/11/11

Words cannot express the sadness and sorrow that fill me at the massive devastation that has befallen Japan in the last two days.  An 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by a tsunami that has completely obliterated one if not more towns from the map as well as claimed the lives of so many.  The death toll will continue to rise, will continue to compound as more and more reports come in from across the country’s pacific seaboard.  Nuclear power plants have been shut down, radioactive substances have possibly leaked from damaged containment facilities, and there has even been an explosion in one of the damaged power plants.

Fear and uncertainty abound as tremors continue, and residual waves still crash upon the land.  The tsunami has effected multiple nations including the United States, the west coast which was hit from Washington to California by Tsunami waves that had radiated from the quake’s epicenter.  Countries as far south as Chile were affected by this natural disaster as well.  This act of God has brought pain and suffering to hundreds, thousands, and perhaps even millions as there are countless numbers in Japan without power as the sun rose today on a shattered country.

Already, there have been at least seven ships deployed from the United States for relief efforts.  These ships will no doubt be checking on smaller island nations on their way to tragedy stricken Japan.  Humanitarian efforts will now go into full swing aiding a devastated country in rebuilding itself, finding itself once more.  My thoughts and prayers go with any and all who are affected by this tragic event and hope that your healing begins sooner rather than later.  Within all tragedy there is new life, but do not let the dead be forgotten.  Do not linger on the tragedy, the death that has resulted from such an event, but cherish those memories that you had, the good times with loved ones who are now lost.

To the people of Japan, may the dawning of each new day result in hope, love, and the strength to rebuild what has been lost and swept away in this tragedy


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