Another Day in the Life

Things have been kinda bleh so far lately.  However, I have a full plate of things planned for tonight – that involves cleaning a room that apparently a gown man can’t keep cleaned and organized much like it was when he moved in.  Him going on vacation has provided the most opportune moment, and has me in the most energy to go tackle that nightmare of a space.  Seriously.  I have pictures of what it looked like before he moved in, and I can take pictures of what it looks like now – one hundred and fifty percent TRASHED.

Not to mention, the car has stayed clean all week, which is a rare occurrence when he is actually home.  He may pay for the maintenance, but he puts no actual effort in to cleaning and maintaining the interior of the car.  No, that is all me, and I’m a bad person for asking him to take his trash out of the car (yeah,  I realize it is his car), but I mean, SERIOUSLY, take some pride in your shit, it isn’t that hard to fucking do.

Also, REALLY, when you get a FREE TRIP TO VEGAS, A HOTEL ROOM IN THE LUXOR, don’t leave the fucking house acting like someone DIED because you are going on vacation.  I mean really.  Your parents paid for the trip, for the hotel and just about everything else, but you are fucking miserable.  You make my head hurt, you make my BRAIN twitch and fucking die a little bit each time you act like some ungreatful little shit when you get HANDED a fantastic opportunity.

Right,  I think I’m done with that line of thought for the time being.  Anyway, in two days, I will mark the beginning of my last year of my second decade in this world.  Yeah, I’ll be twenty-nine on Saturday, I don’t have any major plans except for large quantities of alcohol that night, and I have a women’s health seminar early that morning.  Breakfast at Denny’s and I have to pick up ungreatful individuals at the airport – just what I want to spend my birthday doing, collecting stupid, ungreatful people from the airport. He better make it worth it or next time he can take the fucking bus.

On a positive note, a nifty Asian market and farmer’s market combination store just opened up like five minutes from my house, and I am so absolutely happy about that.  It makes me squee! So much that I think I scared the old guy that works there the other day when I squeed walking down the aisle full of ramune and other sodas….yes, I squeed in public.  I also had to resist doing the “cloud squat thing” from FFVII I was so absolutely happy! This place is fantastic, and the prices aren’t that bad either.

Okay, I think I’ve rambled enough, ranted enough and so forth.  So, time for me to scamper off, have a craving for tic-tacs so gonna go grab some!


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