March has come…

Yay! It is March.  Which means that my birthday is just around the corner.  I will be twenty-nine.  Huzzah.  One more year away from thirty.  Am I pleased with where my life is right now, in some areas yes, in others no.  I need a new job, I need a better job, I need something in the field that one or both of my degrees are in.  I need roommates that aren’t fucking children and can actually take responsibility for their own god damned lives and stop pretending that the world around them doesn’t exist.

I seriously think that it would kill them to actually be grateful for things that I do for them, which I do not do lightly any longer.  They are living here paying bare minimum on things when they could be paying quite a bit more if they were living on their own, and that is saying quite a bit.  They are asked for very little:  one covers the electric, and provides $100 for groceries every two weeks while the other covers the phone and provides $60 (or there abouts) for groceries each week.  My paycheck goes into groceries each week, minutes for my phone and if I can swing it something small for myself.  My other roommates cover the rent and aid with any extra purchases for the house.

I am not a doormat, I am not someone you can simply walk all over and expect me to simply cow to your desires.  I am not your fucking taxi, if I do not feel like coming to pick your ass up from work WALK the couple of miles from the store to the house….the exercise won’t cause your fat ass any harm, really, and it may help you feel better.  I don’t compromise on things that I am not comfortable with, don’t like that, too fucking bad.  If I tell you no, that means FUCKING NO, don’t ask me again because the answer will not change.

Where has my art been in all of this – absolutely NOWHERE.  The only thing that I have managed to continue is my photographs for a deviantArt project for a group that I am a part of.  It is Project 52, which is a theme with a photograph each week of the year 🙂  I love my theme and have quite a few cute pictures planned for the project.

Beyond that, I have a few ideas for writing that I am working on or at least hoping to start in the next couple of days.  I’ve been reading a lot and playing a few games because I’ve been stressed lately and need something mindless to focus on.

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