Rant – Warning May Offend

Right now, the world can kiss my ass.  I’m done with it.  Done with people stepping up to me and bitching and expecting me to compromise MYSELF because something needs to be done about a certain situation.  I am too stressed, too emotional to deal with anyone else’s shit.  I am sorry if this pisses you off, offends you in any way, or otherwise harms your delicate sensibilities.  Someone I care about is in the hospital, and I am trying desperately to hold myself together.  I am also dealing with a manager at work that is continually trying to skirt a DIRECT medical order that has me not able to use any cleaning solutions or soaps while at work because they break out my hands (contact dermititis for the fail), and I’m also not allowed to be in gloves.

I am not your punching bag, I am not your bitch to order around.  I am dealing with my own shit and I will put what I need before any and everyone else.  If you can not handle that, then I guess we weren’t as good of friends as anyone thought.

Yes, I’m a bitch right now, yes, I am going to be fucking blunt.  Don’t fucking like it, to bad.  Grow up, suck it up, and deal with it.  I have had quite a bit of time to meditate on things and think on things, and I can not allow the opinions of certain individuals guide my life any longer.  I am my own person and I will live and do with it as I please.

Good night…

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