Okay, seriously, wtf was I thinking when I created a wordpress blog account, I mean I already have a livejournal (dusty and ancient), a tumblr (which I use kinda frequently), and yeah, that’s about it, but I mean, did I -really- need another blogging account?  Apparently, the answer is yes.

The purpose of this particular account will be for my writing, more than likely some of the uncensored stuffs that can’t actually be posted on deviantArt or something like that, or I may end up using it as a housing point for -all- my writing, dA submissions or not.  Which actually sounds like a better idea, and it will get me more exposure than simply having it on one site.

So, expect some works to be appearing soon-ish.  When I’m done fighting with a cold and such and actually have the focus to sort shit out and can get it in some sort of order to post here.

Anyway, I shall leave you with that for the time being.


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